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I am happy to let you all know that i finally have a realise date for Confused by Love. 22nd March 2013. I can not wait for the book to be out for you all to read. 
Thank you for all your support.

I am also happy to tell you that i hit 150 fan's on my Facebook page today. So here is that snippet from Confused by Love for you all. When i hit 200 i will realise another one. 

snippet #1 is out :-) 

Donte was stood there with Claire's phone. "Your not Claire! Where is she?" I say as I stand up. "Issobelle! Stand right there and do not move! Do you hear me?" shit! He sounds angry! I should be angry not him. I go to walk past him, but he grabs me and pushes me against the wall. He used quiet abit of force and hurt my back, but he wasn't letting go. I tried to pull away but his grip got tighter. He was actually hurting me. "Donte! Get the hell of me! Your hurting me!" he just stands there ignoring me. He grips tighter again "Donte, please your really hurting me. Let me go please" I say as tears start rolling down my cheeks. "I will let go if you promise not to move and to listen to what I have to say it's that simple Issobelle!" he replies. I nod at him. He lets me go and I fall to the floor. My bottom hits the floor and I curl in a ball putting my arms around my knees my hands rubbing where he just grabbed me. I threw my head down to my chest as the tears won't stop. This is the first time I have ever been hurt by a man. I thought he cared for me little....."Issobelle, please. I'm sorry. Please. Look at me please" he says stopping my thinking. I look up at him. "Izzy, princess I am so sorry. I don't want to loose you, but you keep running. Why won't you talk to me?" he says looking heart broken. But right now I don't care. He threatens to sack me then actually physically hurts me. He can be heart broken I am too.



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